Siding Repair & Painting Services

Our years of experience with roofing and gutters have made Arkhoma Roofing a complete resource for all things involving your exterior surfaces. If you’ve got damaged siding, peeling paint or a downtrodden deck, give us a call. We’ll be glad to provide services that restore their integrity and curb appeal.

We’re pleased to be an all-in-one paint, decking and siding contractor in Ponca City, OK!

Siding contractors

Siding Contractor

Siding not only makes your home look great, it protects it from the elements and is critical for energy efficiency. Unfortunately, it’s also your first line of defense against the elements. We work on all types of projects involving damaged siding, including dents from hail damage, missing siding from high winds and generally damaged siding.

Our team has experience preparing and installing siding, as well as sheet rock. We can also insulate siding and inside walls to keep your home safe and efficient. If you notice damaged siding after a storm rolls through, give us a call for an assessment.

painting contractors

Paint Contractor

Delivering complete painting service in Ponca City, OK, we’re available for interior and exterior jobs of all sizes, as well as commercial and residential work. We don’t just slap on a fresh coat, either—we do things right.

This includes replacing damaged sheet rock, preparing the surface thoroughly, priming and painting using the best materials.

If you’ve got roofing or siding damage due to water, there’s a good chance you’ll also benefit from a new paint job!

Wood Replacing

If your house is old and made with wood and rain or hail gets to it, the wood is at risk. Torrential rain and hail spell doom for aging wood structures. Together, they lead to rotting wood and damaged materials that are compromised. We pull shingles off to address rotten wood and fix the wooden roof or shake siding to keep water out, while correcting wood damage. Remember, we’ve got more than 50 years’ combined experience in construction!

Call us for Exterior Services

No matter how old your home is or what condition its exterior surfaces are in, Arkhoma Roofing aims to provide results. We’ll fix storm damage, weathering or age-related wear, to make sure your home looks stunning once again. Contact us today at 580-767-0007 for a free estimate on service.